General Yuan Shengping Chinese Military Leaders During the Korean War
26. Lieutenant General Yuan Shengping

Background and History

General Yuan Shengping was born in Jiangxi Province in 1912.

Activities in Korean War

After his work in battles in Hainan Island, he entered the Korean War in October of 1950 and remained from the First Campaign to the Fifth Campaign. He participated in 382 large-scale battles. General Yuan Shengping was the Political Commissar of the 40th Army. His first battle involved the South Korean Army in Wen Jin area. He fought battles against the First Cavalry Division, First Marine Division, British 27th Brigade, the French Battalion, 25th Canadian Brigade, and the Turkish Brigade. During the 2nd Campaign, the First Platoon of Company 6 of the 357th Regiment of the 119 th Division, took captive of over 200 American prisoners. It set a record for a platoon capture of prisoners. The 8th Company of the 355th Regiment held the line for 6 days against 28 attacks of a force of two US Battalions. They held out against the US cover of planes, tanks and artillery.

Lt. General Yuan Shengping

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