Birds Likely to be Observed in Oregon

Location in Oregon
Blue is Winter range - Red is Summer range
Purple is Year-round range - Yellow is Migration range

Osprey range


Pandion haliaetus - Uncommon; along seacoasts, lakes and rivers. Conspicuous crook in long wings and black "wrist" mark confirm identification of adults and young at great distances. Call is a series of loud, clear whistles. Our pair of Ospreys live and nest in a dead tree on the bank of the Willamette River. Nest is a big one about 90 feet in the air made of twigs and perched on a branch of the tree. They watch for fish and then swoop down to catch them in their talons and carry them back to the nest.

Date of Arrival - Average 3-27 - Early 3-12 - Late 4-8

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