Nighttime Shelter for Winter Birds - Bird Roost

Nighttime Shelter for Winter Birds

During most of the year birds find adequate shelter in the vegetation of their habitats. In the depths of winter, however, even the thickest evergreen tree may not provide enough shelter to keep a bird from perishing in the cold. Birds are the most vulnerable to the elements at night, when temperatures plunge and darkness keeps them from finding food to provide the fuel they need to keep warm. Most birds sleep at night, roosting in the same kinds of places in which they build their nests in spring and summer.

Frequently there is not enough space for the flocks of birds that gather near bird feeders or other concentrations of food. Roosting boxes are artificial cavities designed as communal bedrooms for winter birds. Communal roosting gives small birds the advantage of sharing body heat. Place roosting boxes in the most sheltered spot you can find. The south side of a building or large tree is often a good location.

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