Paul and Bernice Noll in 1999

Bernice Chase Noll Growing Up

130. Paul and Bernice Noll in 1999

We thought we would be retired in 1999 but we would go off to China to help start a new American University. That University now has some 4000 students and is doing well. We spent 1999 and 2004 helping get the university up and going. Paul served as Vice-President there for two years with both Bernice and Paul also teach classes. We now work for the Foreign Expert Bureau in Nanjing to help recruit teachers to teach in China. A job we continue up through 2008. In 2008 we will go back to China once more. In July we will go to Xinjiang province to observe an eclipse of the sun. In 2015 on the 15th anniversary Sias International University, it has over 25,000 students on about 280 acres land.

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