Crawford Clan Thanksgiving Henry Scott Crawford Clan

35. Crawford Clan Thanksgiving - All gather a Uncle Howard's Home

From left to right these are the ones I know. First is Uncle Roy, followed by Morris, Howard's son. Next is Uncle Fred. The next lady I think is Howard's daughter Thelma. Next is Aunt Ina, The next lady I don't know. Next is Howard's wife Thelma, followed by Aunt Ina. The next lady I don't know then Aunt Thelma, Howard's wife. and then Uncle CC. Then Aunt Jo Crawford, Mom's younger sister. The next two ladies I don't know followed by my Mom, Myra Noll and last Uncle Howard. Of course, in front left to right is Mark Donald, we all called him Donald, followed by James Crawford, we all called him Crawford and me, Paul Stanley. I got called Paul. Mom was the only one with small kids. I look so serious in the picture and hang on to Crawford. Crawford is now known as JC.

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