Mark, Paul, JC and Loren (in Basket)

My Brother Loren Webster

22. Mark, Paul, JC and Loren (in Basket)

The four of us pose with our bikes. Loren rides in JC's basket on JC's bike. Loren would go with us at times when we rode somewhere on our bikes. JC not only had a basket on his bike but also a box on the back. I remember he had used a dynamite box. I think he used a dynamite box because it was so strongly made. JC had a job irrigating orange groves. I often went with him just for the fun and to be with him. He used the box and basket to carry his tools in his job. Orange grove owners got a water allotment for a certain hour for a certain length of time. I might be at 2:00 AM for 3 hours. JC would open gates on a certain number of rows and when the water reached the end of the row he had to close those rows and open some more rows. If a gopher had a hole in the ditch you had to close it so you didn't lose the water.

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