My Mom was a Beautiful Lady

Myra Lee Crawford Life

30. Myra Webster

In 1940 my Mom bought a new car. It was a 1940 Chevy and boy were we proud of it. We took some of the best vacations in it. Once we went to Big Sur on the California Coast. We even got to ride on a horse. We swam in the Big Sur River and camped in a tent. My Mom always encouraged me to read and for Christmas bought me a set of Perry Mason books to read. I learned to love to read. She encouraged me to do my best in everything I did. She was a good influence on me. We did a lot of canning and I enjoyed working with her in that effort. I guess it is where I get the interest today still to can. Once we made some fig jam. Something went wrong and later the jars began to explode. We set them out on the cellar door and they went off one by one until they all had gone. We would can hundreds of quarts of things. We were poor in those days but I didn't know it then.

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