Beautiful Lady

Myra Noll/Webster Family

31. Myra Webster

I always thought my Mom was a pretty lady. She was very tall for a woman and was very proud of her posture. Some times she would take the three of us boys out to the country to play and take along some cookies. We could have just one at a time. That way we wouldn't travel too far away. In 1939 we took her old 1931 Nash auto to the 1939 World's Fair in San Francisco. We traveled only 35 miles an hour so the car would last. It took us two days to get there. We had just a little money. She took food along for all to eat. Where we stayed in San Mateo a nice couple who had been to the fair gave us their remaining tickets to ride at the fair. I got lost at the fair and was found by a bunch of midgets who treated me well. They were with a booth in the fair. I liked the little people. I remember it was next to Sally Rand and her Nude Ranch. I didn't get to see Sally though. Mom always made our clothes. It was not considered good to have homemade clothes in those days but my Mom was good at making clothes and no one knew they were not store-bought clothes.

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