My Apartment in Monterey Park, California

Paul Noll Growing Up

86. Apartment in Monterey Park, CA, 1946-1949

In 1946 my folks bought this house on Emerson Avenue in Monterey Park. It had a big house and an apartment on the second floor above the garage. Crawford and Paul lived in the apartment. On the roof is an antenna I erected for the Ham radio I operated. It was set for the twenty meter band and had a motor to rotate the array. We went to Mark Keppel High School just a block away. I had a paper route in the morning delivering the Los Angeles Times. Nancy, my girl friend lived in the house just his side of the apartment. My folks borrowed $4,000 dollars from us three boys to make the down payment on the house. They paid us back later. I set up an electronics shop on the ground floor in a shed I made between the garage and the concrete wall. It was about six feet by 20 feet. I fixed radios and sold crystal sets to kids.

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