James A. Noll Residence in Seattle, Washington James Alonzo Noll - Gig Harbor Farm

7. James A. Noll Residence in Seattle, Washington

My Grandfather and Grandmother lived in this house in Seattle from 1912 until they died. My Dad then lived there until 1961 when he died. When my Dad Mark D. Noll died the home passed from the Noll clan as it was sold. As a boy I remember that there was a big Lambert Cherry tree that had lots of good sweet cherries. The house had a large basement where Grandmother kept her canning. She canned cherries, peaches, and many jams and jellies. We boys loved her split pea soup and she delighted in fixing often for us. I'm sure we three boys gave her many vexing times and we ran through the house having fun. As we ran up and down the stairs she said many times " You boys will have the carpet worn out before spring." The house was on 2326 North 51st Street.

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