James Alonzo Noll - Gig Harbor Farm

11B. Three Boys Ride the Bus to See Grandpa

Grandpa lived on a farm
My Grandpa's farm was far out of town. The nearest town was Gig Harbor, which wasn't very big in 1936. The house had two rooms, no running water and no electricity. It was a wonderful place for a five year-old boy. Grandpa was a good cook and he loved to fix custard for his grandkids. I still remember the big wood stove and the good food he cooked for us. He had a 1927 Reo Truck that he would crank up so we would go cut firewood for cooking and heat. We rarely went to town. Grandpa had a big garden, some chickens, and ducks so we had our own food. A neighbor about a half-mile away had a cow so he would go there to get milk. We played in the woods and had some marvelous times. We went to see my grandpa for about 4 years.

I see him for the last Time in 1949
I loved him so much. In 1949, just before I went into the army I drove my car to Seattle to see him for the last time. We had a wonderful visit. He gave me $20. I told him he didn't need to, but he said "I don't get to spend any of my money these days." He was quite old then and not in good health. He could just walk with a cane. I walked with him to the store slowly and had a chance to thank him for those wonderful years and all that he taught me about being a man and honestly. I sure three boys 5, 6 and 7 were a great deal of trouble for him. He took us many places and taught us so many things about life. Not long after he died while I served in the army in Korea.