Catalina Airport Nolls Fly to Catalina Island
2. Catalina Airport

Here we check out the runway before landing. Santa Catalina Island represents a refreshing and unusual contrast to the densely populated urban areas of Southern California. In order to preserve this valuable open space for public enjoyment, the Wrigley Family deeded approximately 88 percent of the island in 1975 to the nonprofit Catalina Island Conservancy. The Santa Catalina Island Company, established in 1894, is the principal landowner of the remaining private land and focuses on preserving the island's unique charm and character.

Catalina Island is part of Los Angeles County. Located 22 miles off the California mainland, the island comprises 76 square miles and boasts 52 miles of spectacular coastline. The island consists of two quaint commercial centers: Avalon, population 3,500.

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