Corduroy - Photo 165

Old Familiar Memories - Photo 165


Now, it is believed that the term is a compound of the word "cord," referring to its tufted, row-like pattern, and "duroy" which was a course woolen fabric used in England.) What we have come to recognize as corduroy emerged in the late 18th century in Manchester, England where the onset of the Industrial Revolution provided machinery and manpower to facilitate its popularity.

Once a luxurious indulgence for fastidious royals, corduroy became the go-to fabric for the working class, who needed durable, warm clothing on the factory floors and in the fields. During class-conscious Victorian times, corduroy was dubbed, "the poor man's velvet." As a result, corduroy fell out of favor until the middle of the 20th century when it was repurposed by college students and hippies in the 1960's counter culture movement.

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