Japanese Cedar

Trees Growing at Our Pleasant Hill Oregon Home

Japanese Cedar

Cryptomeria japonia Elegans ( Taxodiacae) An evergreen conifer, native to China and Japan. An important forestry tree in Japan where it yields valuable timber. Male and female flowers are present on the same tree. Male catkins are present throughout winter, then turn yellow, then shed pollen in late February or early March. Females are the tiny green rosettes at tips of shoots. They develop into green cones about 3/5 inches across by autumn. These dry out, turn brown and release their seed the following autumn. Feathery, grayish green, soft-textured foliage. Turns rich coppery red or purplish in winter. Grows slowly into a broad-based, dense pyramid 20-25 feet high. There is one of these in a large pot in our front yard. For an Oriental effect, prune out some branches to give a tiered look.

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