Plum and Crabapple

Trees Growing at Our Pleasant Hill Oregon Home

Plum and Crabapple

Rosaceae Both are deciduous fruit tree. They grow next to the other. They are along our 1/2 mile-long driveway. Plum bears small yellow plums with a pit like a cherry. Good tasting. Both trees are about 20-25 feet high. Both trees are very vigorous and have no blight. We are not sure of the variety. They have been there for many years. The Plum is on the left and the wild Crabapple on the right. They are near the Winter Pear tree. The Plum is quite tasty but we have not tasted the Crabapple. In 2002 we just mowed the grass and removed the blackberries growing into the tree. It looks nice now. Alas, our neighbors cut it down in 2006

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