Giant Sequoia

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Giant Sequoia

Sequoiadendron giganteum (Sequoia gigantea) - Native to west slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Most massive trunk in the world and one of the tallest trees reaching 325 feet in height with 30 foot trunk diameter. Some have recorded ages of 4,000 years. Male and female flowers appear on the same tree. Males appear in October, then turn yellow and shed pollen in March. Females are tiny green conelets about 1/2 inch long with spine tipped scales. Cones mature in 2 years from green conelets about 3 inches long to dark brown. They may remain on tree for up to 20 years. Foliage consists of scale like leaves and have an aniseed-like small when crushed. We have one of these as a gift from my son, Chet Noll. It was about 3 foot high and is sheltered under the tall Douglas Firs in the big circle. In 2006 it began to grow. Bernice, by contrast, stands 5 foot 2 inches high. By 2007 it has grown to over 8 feet high.

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