Gull Rock

Cape Foulweather, Oregon Coast

3. Gull Rock

Gull Rock lies 0.4 miles offshore about six miles north of Yaquina Head. Gull Rock is a small rock that is breeding and nesting habitat for six species of marine birds and a haul out area for harbor seals. The rock is accessible only by boat. Ownership: Submerged and submersible parts of the rock: Division of State Lands; rock area above Mean High Water: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Six species of seabirds breed here including approximately 23,000 common murres and 550 Brandt's cormorants. Over 100 harbor seals use this site. Bald eagles and brown pelicans (threatened and endangered species) use this site. Current Management lies with National Wildlife Refuge (no on-site management).

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