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6. Mo's at Lincoln City, Oregon Coast

Mohava Marie Niemi died in 1992, at the age of 79. Her greatest legacy, perhaps, was the work ethic she instilled in her family and which survives to this day. Mo's entry into the business world began in 1940, when she and her father bought the Bay Haven Inn on Newport's salty waterfront. In 1946 they sold the tavern when Mo joined her friend Freddie Kent to start a cafe called "Freddie and Mo's" (a few years later when Freddie became ill, Mo bought her friend out). The newly divorced mother of two growing sons found it necessary to take a second job and became an announcer at the KNPT radio station, where she did a neighborhood talk show, a job she kept until the mid-seventies. Mo married a second time in 1955. Her new husband, Kaino "Dutch" Niemi, was a Finnish fisherman with whom Mo had a happy thirty-six year marriage. In the early years, it was Dutch's lucrative fishing ventures aboard his F/V Sea Lion III that helped make ends meet at the restaurant.

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Lincoln City, Oregon Coast