Mo's Newport

Mo's Seafood Restaurant

4. Mo's Newport Main, Oregon Coast

Mo's restaurants and Mo's Annex, on the waterfront in Newport's Historic Bayfront area, 622 & 657 SW Bay Blvd, Mo's Annex 265-7512--Mo's Restaurant 265-2979. Mo's restaurant was started 40 years ago and still retains the original unique informal style. Mo's famous clam chowder $3.95 a bowl or family style $10.50 Complete dinners include grilled surf clams at $9.95 and a combo seafood plate with grilled oysters, clam fritter and fish for $10.95. Mo's Annex is located just across Bay Blvd. and overlooks Yaquina Bay where you can watch the fishing fleet, sea lions, sailboats and the expert hands of fish filleters as they clean the day's sport catch. Complete dinners starting at $9.95. Dinner choices include shrimp casserole, scalloped oysters and seafood cioppino. Mo's Annex is now featuring Oregon Coast wines and Mo's restaurant is serving breakfast from 8 am to 11 am.

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