Black Swamp Gooseberry

Wildflowers Found in Oregon

Black Swamp Gooseberry (Black Gooseberry, Prickly Currant)

Ribes lacustre - Locally common, early summer, perennial, 2-4 ft. Upright to spreading shrub, bark on older part of plant reddish brown. All branches and stems covered with small, sharp, yellow spines. Leaves 1-2 in. across, almost round, palmately divided into 3-7 lobes, toothed, hairless, upper side dark green, lower side lighter. Flowers 5-15 on hanging stalks, green or purple sepals, petals pinkish, 12-2/3 the length of the sepals. Fruit shiny black with black hairs. Grows on slopes and in swamps, seeps, along creeks, from coastline to mid elevations. Native.

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