Miner's Lettuce Wildflowers Found in Oregon
Miner's Lettuce

Montia perfoliata (Claytonia perfoliata) - Somewhat succulent annual from slender taproot; flowering stems several, ascending to upright, 5-30 cam tall. Basal leaves numerous, narrowly spoon-shaped to lance-shaped, long stalked, 2-10 cm long; stem leaves 2 opposite and usually fused, forming a disk around the stem above midlength. Flowers are white to pinkish, stalked nodding; 2 sepals; 5 petals, 3-7 mm long; several to many in clusters 1-8 cm long above the leaf disk. Found in moist (at least in early spring), open to shady, often sandy, forests, thickets, meadows; common at low to medium elevations. We have spots of these delicate edible plants in our woodlands and flower beds. The succulent leaves can be eaten cooked or raw, like any other green. Mixed with other raw vegetables, it makes an excellent salad.

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