Lewis's Mock-Orange

Wildflowers Found in Oregon

Lewis's Mock-Orange (Mock Orange, Western Syringa)

Philadelphus lewisii Common, early summer, perennial, 3-9 ft. Large, woody, erect to spreading shrub with many stems and branches. Stems red-brown, turning gray with age. Leaves opposite, deciduous, oval to egg-shaped, 1-4 in. long, entire to toothed, with 3 veins running from base to tip of leaf. Flowers fragrant, 6 or more clustered at end of stem, about 1 in. across, with 4 or occasionally 5 white petals, many stamens with large amounts of yellow pollen clustered in center. Grows in moist woods, conifer forests, rocky canyons, at low to mid elevations throughout North America. Native.

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