Wildflowers Found in Oregon


Aconitum columbianun - Locally common, late summer, perennial, 3-7 ft. Erect, occasionally twining or reclining. Stem not branched, may have bulblets in axils with leaves. Leaves 1-7 in. long, 2-6 ion. wide, maple-like, divided into 3-7 lobes, toothed or lobed again. Flowers on upper 12-25 in. of stems, dark purple to blue, white, or yellow-green, with top petal-like sepal folded down to make a hood that conceals center of flower, which includes 2 petals and many stamens, Grows in moist to wet areas along streams, in seeps, meadows, often among bushes, at mid to high elevations. Toxic and can cause death if eaten. Native

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