Umbrella False Morel

Wildflowers Found in Oregon

Umbrella False Morel

Gyromitra californica - Ecology: Officially saprobic, but potentially also mycorrhizal--or, like the true morels, donning both ecological hats in the course of its life cycle; found in late spring and early summer on fallen logs, especially those of birch species; western North America (G. californica). Cap: 3-8 cm; "appearing puffy like the surface of a souffle or undulating with broad bumps"; pale brown to umber brown to yellow brown; undersurface paler and ribbed. Flesh: Thin; fragile. Stem: 3-10 cm; stuffed; irregularly ribbed, the ribs resembling "a cluster of broad noodles" (Weber, 1995); purplish red to rose to lavender. Edibility, not recommended, It is poisonous.

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