Ribbed Bog Moss

Wildflowers Found in Oregon

Ribbed Bog Moss (Glow Moss)

Aulacomnium palustre - Plants medium-sized, unbranched to occasionally branched, stems upright, 3-9 cm high, with abundant, reddish covering of hairs, often tipped by a short, leafless stalk that has small, lance-shaped gemmae along its entire length (although there may be more towards the tip). Found on organic soils and occasionally on rotten logs; most common on disturbed, peaty banks in peatlands, where it occurs on acid peat in bogs and on acidic micro-habitats in rich fens; also on organic soils in tundra and subalpine habitats. Ours grow in the big circle under the woodland canopy. Several patches of Broom moss can be seen on the lower right.

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