Heteronyms, American English - Page 2
A heteronym are words that:      1. Are Spelled the Same          2. But are Pronounced Differently
  1. invalid
    She was an invalid in the hospital. (noun - chronic illness)
    It is an invalid license, (adjective - not legal).
  2. lead
    He will lead the parade. (verb - at the head)
    Lead is a very heavy metal. (noun - metal)
  3. live
    Where do you live? (verb - dwell)
    It was a live snake. (adjective - having life)
  4. minute
    I'll be with you in just a minute. (noun - short time)
    The insect had minute legs. (adjective - tiny)
  5. mow
    The hay was in the mow. (noun - stack of hay)
    We will mow the grass. (verb - to cut)
  1. object
    It was a valuable object. (noun - thing)
    We would object if she went. (verb - protest)
  2. present
    We got a nice present from her. (noun - gift)
    I want to present the winner to you. (verb - introduce)
  3. project
    Is your science project done? (noun - an undertaking)
    Project the movie on the screen. (verb - cast an image)
  4. read
    She likes to read books to us. (verb - utter aloud)
    She read a story to the boy. (verb - had uttered aloud)
  5. record
    Let's record that movie. (verb - preserve)
    We need to see the record. (noun - saved account)
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