Heteronyms, American English - Page 1
A heteronym are words that:      1. Are Spelled the Same          2. But are Pronounced Differently
  1. address
    My address is 66 Easy Street. (noun - location)
    She will address the crowd. (verb - speak to)
  2. bass
    We went fishing for bass. (noun - type of fish)
    She played a bass drum. (adjective - deep-toned)
  3. bow
    She wears a bow in her hair. (noun - tied ribbon)
    Bow to the audience at the end. (verb - bend at waist )
  4. close
    Please close the door. (verb - shut)
    She sat close to him. (adverb - nearby}
  5. content
    The content of the talk is simple. (noun - words)
    I am content to just stay home. (adjective - satisfied)
  1. convert
    She is a convert to exercise. (noun - one who changed)
    She will convert the machine. (verb - change)
  2. desert
    You must not desert your friends. (verb - abandon)
    They drove through the desert. (noun - location of little rain)
  3. does
    She does like to swim. (verb - emphasis)
    The does each had a fawn. (noun - female deer)
  4. dove
    She dove into the water. (verb - plunge headfirst)
    The dove makes a cooing sound. (noun - white bird)
  5. evening
    We rest in the evening. (just before night)
    It will help evening everyone's chances. (verb - to make equal)
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