Homographs, American English -- Page 1
A Homograph are words that:     1. Are Spelled the Same     2. Are Pronounced the Same     3. But have two different meanings
1. act Jack will act in a play. (dramatic performance)
His was a heroic act of courage. (doing something)
2. arms My arms often hurt. (upper limbs)
Soldiers "lay down your arms." (weapons)
3. block The puppy ran around the block. (city square)
The chairs will block the door. (obstruct)
4. buck It costs one buck to get in. (a dollar)
The horse will buck you off. (throw)
5. blue I feel very blue today. (morose)
She wore a blue dress. (color)
6. box Put your things in a box. (carton)
The fighters will box tonight. (fight with gloves)
7. brand They put a brand on the horse. (burnt mark)
What brand is your computer? (company maker)
8. base The base of the statue broke. (bottom)
He lived on an army base. (camp)
9. back My back hurts. (rear of body)
The dog came back home. (returned)
10. bank The river overflowed its bank. (edge)
I have a $1000 in the bank. (money depository)
11. bear The grizzly bear is dangerous. (animal)
I cannot bear to be alone. (endure)
12. bark The dog has a loud bark. (dog's call)
The bark peeled off the tree. (outer edge of a tree)
13. bit The tiger bit the giraffe. (tear with teeth)
My finger hurts a little bit. (slightly)
14. ball My wife went to a ball. (dance)
The ball bounced off my head. (sphere)
15. bright The light is bright in my room. (illumination)
Some students are very bright. (intelligent)
16. blow They will blow up the bridge. (demolition)
He received a blow to the head. (hit)
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