Homographs, American English -- Page 4
A Homograph are words that:     1. Are Spelled the Same     2. Are Pronounced the Same     3. But have two different meanings
43. fly A fly landed on his nose. (two-winged flying insect)
We shall fly to Paris today. (travel by airplane)
44. fall The Fall weather is cool. (Autumn)
Be careful that you don't fall. (lose an upright position)
45. fine If you speed you will pay a fine. (penalty for an offense)
I feel fine today. (in good health)
46. float Astronauts can float in space. (suspended)
There was a float in the parade. (mobile decorated exhibit)
47. fair The State Fair is in October. (an exhibition of farm products)
Today was fair and warm. (free of clouds or storms)
48. fast Some cars can go very fast. (moving quickly)
Some people fast at Easter. (abstain from food)
49. firm I work in a law firm. (a commercial business)
I sleep on a firm mattress. (not soft)
They made us a firm offer. (not subject to change)
50. foot The stick is one foot long. (unit of length)
My foot won't fit my shoe. (lower extremity of the leg)
51. faint She was faint from hunger? (short loss of consciousness)
He heard a faint noise. (lacking clarity or distinctness)
52. fool They tried to fool me. (deceive or trick)
He was a fool to do that. (deficient in judgment)
53. fit She had a fit over the job. (angry rage)
The pants will not fit me. (to be proper size)
54. face Your face is red. (surface of front of the head)
You must face the audience. (position looking forward)
He will lose face. (standing in the eyes of others)
55. felt The dress was made from felt. (a matted fabric)
She felt sorry for the victim. (to encounter or experience)
56. fleet He owns a fleet of taxis. (a group of vehicles)
She is fleet of foot. (moving rapidly)
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