Homophones, American English -- Page 6
71. correspondence letters
correspondents journalists
72. council an assembly
counsel an attorney; to give advice
consul a foreign representative
73. creak to make a squealing sound
creek a small stream
74. crews plural of group working
cruise to sail of travel about together unhurried
75. cue a hint
queue a line of people
76. current the present; flow of electricity
currant a berry
77. curser one who curses
cursor pointer on computer screen
78. days 24 hour period
daze to stun; to dazzle
79. dear term of affection
deer a wild animal
80. decent proper; right
descent going down
dissent disagreement
81. desert barren land; to abandon
dessert last course of a meal
82. dew moisture
do to perform
due owing
83. die (n) mold (v) cease living
dye change color
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