Homophones, American English -- Page 5
57. cereal a grass such as wheat, oats
serial arranged as in a series
58. cell a prison room
sell to offer for purchase
59. cent unit of money
sent past tense of send
scent a fragrance
60. cheap low in cost; of poor quality
cheep sound of a young bird
61. choose to select
chews masticates
62. chord combination of musical tones
cord string or rope
63. chute an inclined trough
shoot to hit with missile from a gun
64. cite to quote
site a place
sight a view; vision
65. climb to move upward
clime weather
66. close to make shut
clothes a person's garments
67. coarse rough; common
course direction; action; part of a meal
68. commence to begin
comments remarks
69. compliment flattering remark; to praise
complement something that completes
70. core the central part; the heart
corps group with common purpose
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