Homophones, American English -- Page 18
238. throne a king's chair
thrown to hurl or fling
239. tide the level of ocean water
tied to bind with string or rope
240. throes agonizing struggle or trouble
throws to propel through the air
241. to in direction of
too in addition; also
two a number
242. toe the digits of the foot
tow to pull by rope
243. track a mark left by something; a path
tract a treatise; a piece of land
244. undo to open; to render ineffective
undue improper; excessive
245. vale a valley
veil a concealing cover
246. vane a weathervane
vein a blood vessel
vain fruitless; excessively proud
247. vice wickedness
vise a clamp
248. waive relinquish a right
wave to move back and forth
249. waiver to give up a claim
waver to move unsteadily back and forth
250. waist your beltline
waste to use carelessly
251. wait to tarry; to remain in readiness
weight the heaviness of an object
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