Homophones, American English -- Page 19
252. want a need; to lack; to desire
wont a custom
253. ware goods
wear to have on; damage by use
where at the place of; in which
254. way a road, path; an opening
weigh the heaviness of an object
255. weak lacking strength
week period of seven days
256. weather state of the atmosphere
whether which, if, either
257. whose possessive of who
who's contraction of who is
258. wood material from trees
would past tense of will
259. wrack destruction or ruin
rack framework ot stand
260. wreck destruction, damaged ship
wreak to inflict punishment
reck to take need or to have caution
261. wry dryly humor, not proper
rye a cereal grass, plant grain
262. yoke an oppressive constraint
yolk yellow part of an egg
263. you person being addressed
ewe a female sheep
264. your belonging to you
you're contraction of you are
yore time past
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