American English Idioms -- Page 22
Idiom Translation
  1. You run with it.
  2. Take your hat off to no one.
  3. We won't take sides.
  4. That is a tall story.
  5. We'll throw the book at them.
  6. We will throw in the towel.
  7. We'll throw in the sponge.
  8. We'll throw a party.
  9. She'll throw a fit.
  10. We'll hold them to the letter.
  11. Remember that time marches on.
  12. I think they will tie the knot.
  13. We're tickled to death about it.
  14. We had the time of our life.
  15. It will be touch and go for a while.
  16. We will need to touch up things.
  17. It will be to the tune of a million.
  18. It's part of the tricks of the trade.
  19. It's time to turn in.
  20. We will turn the tables on them.
  1. The project is yours to make it a success.
  2. You are a good as anyone else.
  3. We will be neutral on this.
  4. I don't believe your explanation.
  5. If they did wrong they must pay.
  6. We give up.
  7. We give up.
  8. We will have a party.
  9. She will be extremely upset.
  10. They will have to follow all the rules.
  11. You are wasting time.
  12. They will get married.
  13. We are very pleased.
  14. We had a good time.
  15. We won't know if we succeed or fail.
  16. We need to solve some little problems.
  17. It will cost about a million dollars.
  18. It is one of my secret solutions.
  19. It's time to go to sleep.
  20. We will reverse the situation.