American English Idioms -- Page 23
Idiom Translation
  1. She had better turn over a new leaf.
  2. He's got me turned on.
  3. Don't just twiddle your thumbs.
  4. I put her under your wings.
  5. He is up to something.
  6. Don't get up in arms.
  7. He'll upstage us.
  8. We won't wait on them.
  9. They'll walk all over you.
  10. He's walking on air.
  11. You're walking on thin ice.
  12. He will just warm the bench.
  13. Don't wash your dirty linen in public.
  14. You'll just be wasting your breath.
  15. The wear and tear will defeat us.
  16. You'll wear out your welcome.
  17. I'll pay you when my ship comes in.
  18. We just have to weather the storm.
  19. I can see the writing on the wall.
  20. Let's wind up this problem.
  1. She needs to change her ways.
  2. He has me excited about that.
  3. Get to work!
  4. She will report to you.
  5. He is doing something secretly.
  6. There is no need to get excited or upset.
  7. He'll do better than us.
  8. We are going ahead and not wait for them.
  9. They will take advantage of you.
  10. He is really excited.
  11. You may fail at any moment.
  12. He will sit by while we work.
  13. Don't tell your bad points to others.
  14. Don't bother, they won't listen.
  15. The effort is not worth the rewards.
  16. Don't stay too long.
  17. When I get rich I'll pay you.
  18. Keep working in rough times.
  19. I can sense that thing may be bad.
  20. We need to finish this.