The Noll's Favorite Collection of Proverbs -- Page 9
Proverb Translation

129. A golden key can open an iron lock.
130. Six feet of earth make all men equal.
131. Never touch your eye except with your elbow.
132 Tread on a worm and it will turn.
133. It never troubles a wolf how many sheep there are.
134. Two attorneys can thrive in a town where one cannot.
135. A workman is known by his tools.
136. You can't turn back the clock - but you can wind it up again.
137. Adolescence is like a house on moving day - a temporary mess.
138. Facts do not cease to exist simply because they are ignored.
139. Forgiveness is perfume a flower casts back upon the foot that crushed it.
140. The person who stands neutral - usually stands for nothing.
141. You can't hold another man down in a ditch without being there with him.
142. The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.
143. You can't keep trouble from coming - but don't give it a chair to sit on.
144. If you don't have a job without aggravation - you don't have a job.

129. Money can open many doors.
130. There is no rank among the dead.
131. Permission to do the impossible is a prohibition.
132. Even the humblest will resent ill treatment.
133. Armies don't fear nations with weak courage.
134. They make work for each other.
135. A good workman keeps his tools in good order.
136. The past is past but most of your life is ahead.
137. Teenagers take time to get organized.
138. Ignoring reality never solves anything.
139. Real forgiveness is when they don't deserve it.
140. Not making a decision is a decision.
141. Holding someone down keeps you down as well.
142. Most people like to know why and how things work.
143. Get rid of trouble by not making it welcome.
144. If your boss has no troubles he doesn't need you.

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