Eliminating Repetition - Page 2
14. close scrutiny To scrutinize you have to get close. Delete close.
15. combined together If you combine things they have to be together.
16. completely done If you're done you're done; you can't be half done.
17. completely finish Can you partly finish? Delete completely.
18. continue on Can you continue off? Delete on.
19. cooperate together Cooperate apart? Delete together.
20. deadly killer Can you be a killer and not deadly? Delete killer.
21. each and every Those words mean the same thing; delete one.
22. end result Results come at the end; delete one.
23. exact replica It must be exact else it's not a replica; delete one.
24. fewer in number As apposed to fewer in what else?
25. half dead There is no halfway; you're either there or not.
26. honest truth If it isn't the truth it's not honest.
27. hot water heater You heat cold water because you want it hot. Delete hot.
28. large in size Large refers to size; just say large.
29. mix together Can you mix apart?
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