Eliminating Repetition - Page 3
30. month of July Everybody knows July is a month.
31. never ever Never means not even once, drop ever.
32. old antique Antiques must be old to be antiques. Delete old.
33. one and only If you have one thing, it is the only thing you have.
34. raining outside If it's raining inside you have a leak. Delete outside.
35. safe haven By definition a haven is safe. Delete safe.
36. same identical An identical thing must be the same; delete one.
37. same exact Both mean the same thing; delete one.
38. square in shape If something is square then that is its shape.
39. strangle to death A strangled person is dead; Delete death.
40. sum total The sum is the total; delete one.
41. sudden impulse An impulse is sudden, or it's not an impulse.
42. sworn affidavit By definition, an affidavit is sworn. Delete sworn.
43. true fact By definition a fact is true. Delete true.
44. unexpected surprise It can be difficult for a surprise to be expected.
45. valuable asset If it is an asset, it has value. Delete valuable
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