Page 1 - Selective Adverbs Having Mostly Negative Connotations
Word Modifies Used in a Sentence Definitions
1. abnormally adjective It is an abnormally low number. Not typical, unusual, deviant
2. abruptly verb Her abruptly terminated her speech. unexpectedly sudden, unceremoniously curt
3. absently verb He absently answered her question. exhibiting or feeling inattentiveness
4. absentmindedly adjective She absentmindedly left her purse on the bus. preoccupied, deep in thought
5. absurdly adjective It was absurdly silly idea. ridiculously incongruous or unreasonable
6. abysmally adjective It was a abysmally sad day. very bad, very profound, limitless
7. accidentally verb She accidentally hit the other car. occurring unexpectedly, unintentionally or by chance
8. angrily verb She angrily refused to go. strong feeling of displeasure or hostility
9. antagonistically verb The leader antagonistically berated at the men. incurring contentiousness; opposes against another
10. appallingly adjective It was an appallingly choice of words. causing consternation or dismay; frightful
11. arbitrarily verb She arbitrarily chose the color. determined by chance, whim or impulse
12. arrogantly verb He arrogantly replied to her question. unwarranted importance or consideration
13. artificially verb They artificially colored the flowers. not natural or genuine
14. atrocious adjective She took an atrocious course of action. extremely evil or cruel, abominable
15. audaciously verb He audaciously chose the method. fearless; often recklessly; daring
16. autocratically verb They autocratically choose the leader. using unlimited power
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