Page 12 - Selective Adverbs Having Mostly Negative Connotations
Word Modifies Used in a Sentence Definitions
177. lamely verb He lamely defended his actions. weak and ineffectual; unsatisfactory
178. lasciviously verb He lasciviously spied upon the ladies. given or expressing lust; lecherous; salacious
179. lawlessly verb Lawlessly they ran their business. contrary to the law; unruly; not governed by law
180. lazily verb She lazily tended to her job at the office resistant to work or effort; disposed to idleness
181. lethargically verb He lethargically loafed away the whole day. marked by lack of energy; listless; lazy;
182. lewdly verb He lewdly sought young women. preoccupied with sex and sexual desire; lustful
183. licentiously adjective He was known for licentiously bad behavior. lack moral discipline; having no regard for accepted rules
184. limply verb He limply shook my hand. weak or spiritless; lacking strength or firmness
185. listlessly verb She listlessly droned on with her story. lacking energy or disinclined to exert effort
186. loudly verb He loudly proclaimed his innocence. clamorous and insistent; characterized by high sound
187. lowly adjective He held a lowly meaningless job. in a meek or humble manner; in a low condition or position
188. ludicrously adjective He gave a ludicrously stupid explanation. laughable because of obvious absurdity; foolish
189. luridly verb He luridly stared at the dancing girls. causing shock or horror; gruesome
190. lustfully verb He lustfully leered at the ladies. excited or driven by unrestrained sexual craving
191. madly verb He was madly in love with her. in a crazy way; insanely; in a foolish manner; rashly
192. malevolently adjective He had malevolently wicked ideas. wishing harm on others; malicious; having ill will
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