Definitions of Selective Adverbs Modifying Words to What Degree - Page 2
This list depicts a list of adverbs that show "To What Degree" when modifying words.
Word Type Used in a Sentence Definitions
14. disproportionally verb The food was disproportionally distributed. absence of symmetry, or proper relation
15. easily verb Those instructions were easily misunderstood. In an easy manner; in all likelihood; without question
16. endlessly verb The stars seem to extend endlessly. seeming to be without limit; boundless
17. entirely verb We were entirely satisfied with the results. wholly; completely; solely or exclusively
18. equally verb The money was equally distributed. having same quantity, measure, or value as another
19. erratically verb He erratically stated his position. lacking consistency; eccentric; no fixed course
20. evenly verb The money was evenly allocated. equally; exactly; precisely
21. firm, firmly verb We must stand firm. They firmly resisted temptation. without wavering; resolutely
22. hardly verb We could hardly understand her. barely; just; to almost no degree; almost not
23. impartially verb The blame was impartially placed. not partial or biased; unprejudiced; fair
24. indefinitely verb They indefinitely postponed their decision. not definite; unclear; vague; lacking precision
25. less verb We were less happy with her actions. to a smaller extent, degree or frequency ;
26. mainly verb We were mainly impressed with her explanation. for the most part; chiefly

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