Definitions of Selective Adverbs Modifying Words to What Degree - Page 3
This list depicts a list of adverbs that show "To What Degree" when modifying words.
Word Type Used in a Sentence Definitions
27. more verb I loved him even more. comparison of much; form comparative of adjectives and adverbs
28. mostly verb It was mostly correct. for the most part; mainly; generally; usually
29. only verb If she would only come home. without anyone or anything else; alone; at the very least
30. perpetually verb She was perpetually in debt. lasting for eternity; without interruption
31. plentifully verb We plentifully gave food to all. existing in great quantity; ample supply
32. precisely verb They precisely calculated the cost. used as an intensive; accurately
33. rapidly verb The sponge rapidly approached saturation. moving, acting with great speed; swift
34. repeatedly verb She repeatedly interrupted the speaker. more than once; again and again
35. routinely verb They routinely asked for more supplies. habitual way of behaving; action followed regularly
36. severely verb He severely criticized the leader. unsparingly harsh; dour; forbidding; extreme
37. singly verb He singly defended the position. without the presence of others; alone
38. singularly verb Singularly he stood above the rest. being only one; individually;
39. sparingly verb Sparingly she allocated the food. prudence and restraint in use of material or resources

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