Definitions of Selective Adverbs Modifying When - Page 1
This list depicts a list of adverbs that show "When" or "Time" when modifying words.
Word Type Used in a Sentence Definitions
1. afterwards verb I spoke to him afterwards. at a later time; subsequently
2. already verb She had already gotten there. by this or a specified time; before; so soon
3. always verb She will always be late. at all times; invariably; for all time; forever
4. annually verb The event is held annually. recurring, done or performed every year; yearly
5. anymore verb We won't go anymore any longer; at the present; from now on
6. beforehand verb We got gas beforehand. in advance; early; in anticipation
7. daily verb You should exercise daily. every day; once a day
8. earlier verb We talked to her earlier. near the beginning of an event; during an initial period
9. early verb It is too early to plant tomatoes. occurring near the beginning; belonging to a previous time
10. evermore verb I will love her evermore. forever; always; in a future time
11. forever verb no one can live forever. for everlasting time; eternally
12. frequently verb Frequently I sent her flowers. at numerous intervals; often
13. hourly verb The news is broadcast hourly. at or during every hour; frequently; continual;
14. initially verb Initially we agreed. incurring at the beginning, first
15. irregularly verb His heart beat irregularly. of uneven rate, occurrence, or duration
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