Fashion Contributes to Society -- Debate 10

Arguments Against:

  1. Many irresponsible young people are crazy about fashion.
  2. Fashion appeals only to those who don't have a real sense of beauty.
  3. Money should be invested in things other than jewelry. Jewelry is a very poor investment.
  4. People often look odd with the so-called fashionable hairstyles, make-up and dresses.
  5. Most men don't care for excessive make-up often over used by many women.
  6. Fashion goes like this: one year, one thing, next year, the reverse.
  7. Fashion followers are mercilessly exploited.
  8. People are so vain that they are afraid of being seen in old-fashioned clothes.
  9. We must bear this in mind: Don't judge a person by their appearance.
  10. People, especially fashion followers, are blackmailed by fashion designers and stores.
  11. Changing fashions is a deliberate creation of waste because one will have to discard a lot of clothes in order to follow fashions.
  12. Fashion designers are not interested in important things like warmth, comfort, and durability of clothes.
    They are only interested in outward appearance and profits.
  13. In order to follow fashions, people have to put up with great discomfort, such as suffering from cold in winter.
  14. One's confidence does not grow from the way one is dressed, but from the inner qualities one possesses.
  15. The fashion industry features very slim women as models for their clothes.
    Thus many young women suffer from many forms of eating disorders trying to imitate these skinny models.
    This causes a lot of heath problems and even some deaths form these disorders.
  16. The odder the clothes, the more expensive they are, and the more fashionable they become.
    It's a great pity that people have lost their appreciation of real beauty.
  17. In order to follow fashions, people waste a lot of money.
    They throwing away new things; they waste a lot of time by altering hemlines, waistlines, necklines, etc.
  18. Fashion causes poor people to be looked down upon without fashionable clothes.