Fashion Contributes to Society -- Debate 10
Arguments in Favor:
  1. A good appearance makes a person look younger, feel relaxed and confident.
  2. A good appearance may help people make a better impression on social contacts.
  3. When people are getting old, they should pay more attention to their appearance.
  4. Life is colorful, so people should not be clad in dull colors but use exciting new colors.
  5. The way people dress helps them preserve a sense of their own value and personality.
  6. Fashion adds spice to life with its rich color, variety, and beauty.
  7. Men and women follow fashions in order to please each other and themselves.
  8. The world will be a dull place to live in if people always wear clothes of the same style and color.
  9. Mass production makes well-designed clothes cheap, available to everyone.
  10. These days men are fashion-conscious, too. They pay more attention to hairstyles, shirts, suits, shoes, belts, and so on.
  11. The fashion industry is an enormous one. It provides employment for people like textile workers, designers, and shopkeepers.
  12. The fashion industry has helped industrial research in the sense that a lot of new materials, Nylon, Rayon, Orlon, Dacron, have been made to meet the demand of the consumers.
  13. The fashion industry has become a huge import-export business and it is important, especially to China, in World trade.
  14. Being well dressed is important because confidence in one's appearance leads to confidence in one's success in life.
  15. People with good stylish clothes presents a good image for the Chinese nation.