Double Letter M in American English
Both Ms Pronouned but one with preceding and one with the following syllable
ammeter bottommost teammate
Both Ms Pronouned as one either with preceding or with the following syllable
Both Ms Pronouned as one M with the preceding syllable
accommodate ammo ammunition backgammon comma commandant commandeer commendation commendation comment
commerce commodore commune communism communize dilemma dimmer flammable gamma gimmick
grammar grommet hammer immanent immaterial immigrant immanent Immaterial immolate immunize
inflammable jimmy mammal mammoth persimmon plummet programmer slammer stammer swimming
Both Ms Pronouned as one M with the following syllable
ammonia command commander commando commemorate commend commensurate commercial commiseration commit
commode commotion communal commune communicate community consummate grammatical immaculate immeasurable
immediate immense immensity immensurable immerge immerse immobile immoderate immoral immortal
immovable immune immunity immutable inflammation mammography programmatic summation