Double Letter N in American English
Both Ns Pronouned but one with preceding and one with the following
boutonnière chardonnay ennoble innutrition reconnaissance unnecessary unnoticeable unnumbered
Both Ns Pronouned as one either with preceding or with the following syllable
Both Ns Pronouned as one N with the preceding syllable
annals anniversary annotate annual annular annulate antenna banister banner beginner
biennial bunny cannabis cannelloni cannery cannon canny channel cinnamon funnel
manna millennium Minnesota perennial savanna sonnet tonnage triennial tyrannosaur  
Both Ns Pronouned as one N with the following syllable
anneal annex annihilate announce annoy annuity annul annunciate cloisonné colonnade
connect Connecticut connection conniption connive connote connubial innumerate innumerous kinnikinnick
pinnatifid reconnoiter tinnitus tyrannous