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Why, you might ask, do we have -ible and -able when they mean the same thing? The answer has to do with the history of our language: -ible connects with the Old Latin-based words, and -able with Old French and Anglo-Saxon lineage. The use of -ible or gives you a clue to the word's origin. However, you will find that -able words outnumber the -ible ones.
-ible -able
If the root is not a complete word, add -ible.

For example, aud + ible = audible
Not only is -able more common than -ible but it is used mostly with complete root words.

For example, accept + able = acceptable
  1. visible
  2. horrible
  3. terrible
  1. possible
  2. edible
  3. eligible
  1. incredible
  2. permissible
  3. admissible
  4. compatible
  1. treatable
  2. actionable
  3. suitable
  1. dependable
  2. comfortable
  3. reachable
  1. lamentable
  2. reasonable
  3. repeatable
  4. mentionable
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