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SYNONYMS: ask, question, inquire, query, interrogate, examine, quiz.
These verbs mean to seek information from a person.

Ask is the most neutral term: asked her what was wrong; asked the way to the library; ask too many questions.
Question often implies the asking of a series of questions, as in determining the scope of a problem: The prosecutor questioned the witness in great detail.
Inquire, which often implies a comprehensive search for knowledge or truth, in this sense refers to a simple request for information: inquired where the books were kept; will inquire how we can be of help; inquired about her health.
Query usually suggests questioning to settle a doubt: The proofreader queried the spelling of the word.
Interrogate, a more formal word, applies especially to official questioning: The suspects were called in and interrogated by detectives.
Examine refers particularly to close and detailed questioning to ascertain the extent of a person's knowledge or the adequacy of his or her qualifications: At the end of the semester students are examined in every subject. Only lawyers who have been examined and certified by the bar association are admitted to practice.
Quiz is used most frequently to denote the informal examination of students to verify their comprehension of classwork or reading: The teacher quizzed the pupils.

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