Evaluation of Subtle Differences of 426 Selected Sets of Synonyms -- A Total of 2307 Synonym Words -- Page 2
This is a list of some selected words and how their synonyms differ in their meaning.
  1. answer, respond, reply, retort. These verbs relate to action taken in return to a stimulus.
  2. anxiety, worry, care, concern, solicitude. These nouns are compared as they refer to troubled states of mind.
  3. appendage, appurtenance, adjunct, accessory, attachment. These nouns denote subordinate elements that are added to another entity.
  4. appreciate, value, prize, esteem, treasure, cherish. These verbs mean to have a favorable opinion of someone or something.
  5. apprehend, comprehend, understand, grasp. These verbs are compared as they denote perception of the nature and significance of something.
  6. approve, endorse, sanction, certify, accredit, ratify. These verbs mean to express a favorable opinion or to signify satisfaction or acceptance.
  7. area, region, belt, zone, district, locality. These nouns all denote extents of space, especially on a surface, that can be differentiated from others by particular qualities or characteristics.
  8. argument, dispute, controversy. These nouns denote discussion involving conflicting points of view.
  9. artifice, trick, ruse, wile, feint, stratagem, maneuver, dodge. These nouns are compared as they denote means for achieving an end by indirection.
  10. artificial, synthetic, ersatz, simulated. These adjectives are compared as they refer to what is made by human beings rather than natural in origin.
  11. ask, question, inquire, query, interrogate, examine, quiz. These verbs mean to seek information from a person.
  12. assent, agree, accede, acquiesce, consent, concur, subscribe. These verbs denote concurrence with another's views, proposals, or actions.
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